2015 Mini Cooper - Review & Test Drive

The new well PEP PEP been cheerio the all new MINI Cooper is here so let's check the tech and motor the Mini Cooper model launched in 2000 by B&W proved so popular the company only made minor changes throughout the last decade now we have a totally new generation of the model this is the new platform cabin tech new engines especially for the half inches longer to 1.7 inches wider

That leads to a little more room in the cabin you'll see a larger air intake up front a single exhaust in the rear for the mini cooper for the MINI Cooper S he still have dual exhaust down the middle in the back

This cabin definitely has a premium field really like these seats I think this is fake leather here but they're very comfortable there well bolstered sport seats looks like the stressed would hear something obviously it's not real word. Got to mention cues in here that kinda deviate from past many is for example we have a four speedometer in front of the driver and set up on this dinner plate in the South center play here we have hey large LCD screen that's where we get our cabin tech features.

We have an engine start Hoddle switched out here that's actually an option and we have this are most here in the center which. I believe is optional and I kinda hate just kinda like gets in your way really show that this has the NW DNA in the cabin tech they are college I Drive in many but we've got the center dial here. We have a touch pad on top others die also I can't race in letters or move around on the map remove the menus and we have four buttons media radio, telephone mad that's all straight outta BMW's playbook.

Nice thing about this map it shows a lot to get detailed traffic information traffic for information traffic jam things like that Massa get d rendered buildings in certain areas are the most conservative landmarks if you're driving around. Now in typical BMW style now many style we have a split screen here's the right now I've got my map on the left on my music and commissions Terry information on the right right now I've got a USB port down here about my i phone plugged into it be the white cable I could also put a USB Drive in there which is streaming for audio don't seem to have a CD player I guess that's something that they got rid of for this generation you can get a six-disc CD changer if you want have course.

I've got my hands free telephone where I can nag go through my contacts in my phone book that I might founder sync with the car actually was command is very good in this car covers a lot of the functions but what I really like about the cabin taken this card is the MINI Connected ap so for example I got web radio which let's be fined radio stations from around the world any radio stations around the world the broadcast on the Internet I can find it here live online search so this actually and that's a Google search which integrates with navigation.

So I can say the name of any business or anything like that program that in as a destination to other Epson here they have Facebook and Twitter and that may seem distracting but their mail using that poor location information so if you want to tell your friends that you about the show but a destination get programmed into the navigation you can post a can be Tweet or Facebook update. That'll give your PGA Tour tennis destination so that's that's pretty helpful one thing there was a mission control this is kinda fun one voice service fee male British accent Voice is sort of your car did did you information it says hi stuff like that another British male voices your engines supposedly so when you rev the engine it's a dole that's cool stuff like that dynamic musical another interesting one that they have program in here.

So this has some tragic and download the change as you're driving when you accelerate they pick up the be when you turn on the turn signals I would say many has the most fun with your app integration %uh any automaker had seen have finally we have a Harman Kardon premium audio upgrade in this car speakers for needy what sounds really good that's definitely not afraid I would get in the Scot.

2015 Mini Cooper - Review & Test Drive

Com one thing Mini Coopers avoid a lot it pours there but they called go kart like handling input into what sport mode ok rough transmissions over to the sport programme then see how it that's cool. It's kinda fun but it's not quite as sharp as the previous generation breaks are low the store because they're not bad grabby blog modulated I'll give me a lot of laps stopping power business card template let you play a bit with the handling it may not be that's super track star.

I think it's something you can have a lot of fun with on the weekends luv that matter wild so this as an entirely new engine this is actually a three-song your engine but the poor you let that scare you it's actually a 1.5 leader with direct injection twin turbocharger thats klutz BMW's two-stage at turbocharging one school for lighter power to a bigger school for higher power horsepower in this car is a 140 it's more a part maas360 a party this course select a lot more powerful than the outgoing cooper's so I'm actually impressed there's no adapters suspension here it's all just a pic suspension 29 miles per gallon City 41 miles per gallon highway when I'm driving this in San Francisco to the mile just plummets goes all the way down.

Were talking that down to twenty miles per gallon is smaller displacement engines like this one the great when they're just humming along with no stops but every as soon as we introduce a lot of stopping and starting that killed plus price outer 2014 Mini Cooper base price comes the 20,000 born fifty dollars automatic transmission is 1250 but we'll leave that often just stick with six-speed manual to do a peanut style will add what many called before we loaded packaged that gets us navigation Bluetooth Harman Kardon sound LED headlights for four thousand seven hundred fifty dollars wired upgrade package at the heads up display for 1350 and in adaptive suspension is only five hundred dollars so that's a no brainer all-important 27,000 fifty dollars for a very dynamic very test forward Mini Cooper leaving the Mini Cooper ass out of the question entirely this mini cooper is a big improvement over the previous one I really enjoyed the handling even though it's not quite the same as the previous model but most important the many people are going to lob the continued retro styling up the Mini Cooper

2015 Mini Cooper - Review & Test Drive Reviewed by Aga The Sophias on 11:50 PM Rating: 4.5