Review Ford Super Duty F 450

At the heart of the changes for 2015 is a 6.7 liter power stroke. Now it's got for 140 horsepower pounds at work that segment leading in its class how to get it done a bigger turbo smarter injector in a better software program and this engine is across the line F 250 F 350 and have 450. But it's here in the F 450 where we get the monster towing and gross combined weight rating.

With the exception have the new power stroke the F 250 essentially stays exactly the same as the 2014 model the F 350 max tow package has a couple different changes but the big changes to the vehicle are in the F 450.

Has long as you're looking carefully you'll notice these are not 8 lug rims Lutz nineteen and a half entrance and plight tires -ism essentially the front and rear axle from the 450 and 550 chassis cab models from last year's Super Duty. Now they're here only have 450 which means bigger payloads bigger towing capacities and bigger GCW.

As far as the interior the only change is a newly styled King Ranch trim package. The rest a bit exactly the same from 2014 across the line a 350 450 and that's a shame. Has both the GM and ran heavy duty is have completely up their game as far as the interiors and Ford is lagging behind. I would be a tragedy if we didn't talk about maximum towing capacity is and maximum gross combined weight ratings for both the 350 and 450 with these 2015 models to produce.

For small the F 350 with the max tow package has a maximum fifth wheel towing capacity ,000 700 pounds and a maximum GCW rating about 35,000 pounds that's up several thousand pounds from the 2014 model for the F 450 hold on to your seats 1,200 pounds maximum fifth wheeler gooseneck towing capacity segment class-leading shatters by almost 1500 pounds the RAM heavy duty wrecker and the gross combined weight rating 40,000 pounds that's happened the Big Red commercial truck.

Up both course the real question is how does the power upgrade and the actual in suspension upgrade translate into the real world thankfully Ford allowed us to drive a lot a different versions in a lot a different room packages out there. New Super Duty's and we had a chance to see what the new power stroke is like in each one other that big trucks that three quarter time the one times and no want and plus they have 450 and the 450 toes like an absolute champ the extra power and the control delivered from the platform in suspension makes you very confident even telling some of the heaviest loads with hole in a long time.

Review Ford Super Duty F 450

And the new power stroke or spouse our in a empty F 250 made it feel like a rocket ship fuel economy doesn't look like it's down either in fact some the engineers told us the specifically spent a lot of time on these new smarter injectors in order to even though there's more torque and there's more horsepower you still get better or the same fuel economy that you did from the previous less powerful engine so overall this seems like a pretty good pairing up the new platform the new engine with the new 2015 Super.

When last feature we want to make sure to mention is the new gooseneck ball and gooseneck arms that borders created for the special have 450 we think it's very cool his first trim packages Excel XLT lariat King Ranch and platinum price ranges are gonna start right around thirty two thousand dollars go all the way up to the mid sixties min depending on what options you get good easily get up into the 75,000 range the Platinum I'm sitting on top right now seventy four thousand dollars if you're looking for more information on the full line above 2015 Super Duty's go to pick up truck stock the

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